Thank you for your kind words

I received this gracious note today from J. Rossi, the Chief Marketing Officer of Burt Hill, regarding my blog and bio this past week on SMPS Connections.  I have had the privilege of working with the Washington DC office of Burt Hill in the past and found that they are a world-class firm that has a knack for beautiful design.  Again, thank you for your kind words J., I consider it a privilege to write and an honor that others take the time to glean from my writing. 

Hi Tim —

Life is really busy these days — as anyone in professional services marketing knows.  So I often take a quick look at SMPS Connections, close the email, and delete.  Don’t know why, but today I read your profile.  And then your blog.

I’m really impressed.  I’ve been in the business quite a while now, and I’ve seen a lot.  I’m impressed with your attitude and your desire to share information.  You embody the concepts in BOOM!, the book that I reviewed for the August Marketer.

Great job!  Just wanted to let you know.



J. Rossi
Chief Marketing Officer
Burt Hill

Survival Strategies – Marketer Article

In my recent posting Survival Strategies for 2008 (and Beyond) I provided a quick excerpt on Randy Pollock’s article in the April edition of Marketer on “Making the Most of an Economic Downturn.” Over the past week I have heard from many of you that wanted to read the article in its entirety.

I was able to connect with Randy this last week and received his permission to post a .pdf of the article on this website.  Thank you again Randy for a great article, and to the many marketing experts that also contributed to the article. 

Let me again share with you several more of my favorite quotes from the article from top some marketers on responding to changing market conditions:

“One word comes to mind when I think about how to address the impact of a potential slower economy on our industry: FOCUS on all of the marketing activities of the firm, on business development pursuits, and where marketing dollars would be best spent.”
J. Rossi, Burt Hill, Philadelphia, PA

“Keep your focus: It’s positioning for the change and being there for the client and his business.”
Harlan Hallquist, FSMPS