16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School

sunriseIf you have ever checked out the blogroll here at cofebuz.com you have probably been to Henrik Edberg’s The Positivity Blog. I like to think of his blog as a motivational blog, while I consider cofebuz a business blog. Henrik continually comes up with some great material that I highly recommend reading. One of his “most popular posts of 2008” was the blog 16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School. As I read through the list one of these “things” caught my attention:

#4 – First, give value. Then, get value. Not the other way around.

“This is a bit of a counter-intuitive thing. There is often an idea that someone should give us something or do something for us before we give back. The problem is just that a lot of people think that way. And so far less than possible is given either way.

If you want to increase the value you receive (money, love, kindness, opportunities etc.) you have to increase the value you give. Because over time you pretty much get what you give. It would perhaps be nice to get something for nothing. But that seldom happens.”

I find it interesting that Henrik captures the essence of what we regularly discuss when it comes to success in business. I believe that this is due to the fact that it is impossible to separate relationships and business. In the past I have struggled with an “It’s Just Business” philosophy only to realize later that there is no such thing as “Just Business.” Take a moment to read the other 16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School, it is a great read!

Success And Your Attitude

Sunset“A negative attitude can be very damaging and limiting to one’s life. A positive one can open new doors every day. It can open your mind to new ideas and input and create or sustain great relationships. It helps you through the hard times as a successful person often sees an opportunity within what others would merely see as a problem.”

Henrik Edberg, writing on the topic of successful people couldn’t be more right. Your attitude towards life not only dictates how you feel about your environment, but also how others feel about you being apart of their environment.

One example of this positive attitude is Joe Monahan, Marketing Manager at Alpha Corporation. I have watched Joe excel as he has focused on others and the job at hand. The reality is that Joe has already begun to build a successful career based on his attitude, although I must note that his capabilities readily match his enthusiasm to advance.

As I look at both successful and unsuccessful people it becomes clear that attitude, in many ways, dictates our future.