Cheers to 2016!

As we start into 2016 I am going to be posting a handful of blogs to share some of what I have been thinking about lately.  The topics of these posts are going to be much different than what I have traditionally written about here on, but I hope that they might be thought provoking for you as well.  The posts that I am going to be sharing with you are each part of my spiritual journey.  Some are simply research I have done on understanding major world religions, while others look at prophecies about Jesus that were part of the Dead Sea scrolls (Old Testament books that pre-date Jesus by several hundred years and have been confirmed by even the most atheistic scholars), and finally I’ll share some thoughts I’ve had on child rights and the purpose of money. (Religion and money, what could go wrong?)  Like I said, these are not topics typical to Cofebuz, but I hope that they are thought provoking for you.  Thank you for reading, and cheers to 2016!


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