Networking Tip 101: I don’t know anyone

Most people enjoy networking but greatly dislike attending networking events where they don’t know anyone. This week I wanted to share with you one of my favorite networking tips via an 80 second video. Once you learn this tip you’ll learn how to feel comfortable even when you don’t known anyone.

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5 thoughts on “Networking Tip 101: I don’t know anyone

  1. Tim: Brilliant once again! I’m not going to share this with anybody so I can have the table to myself. Do you do any public speaking? Our National Conference is set for May 19-21 at the Atlantic City Hilton… the theme is GLOW: Growth Leadership Opportunities in Weighing, with a lighthouse theme.

  2. Tim,

    Thanks for sharing such a simple, but effective tip. Especially effective for women who are usually handling a purse as well as the glass!

    Another strategy that can be effective: position yourself near door where people enter, or near the bar where they all must go. Then you won’t miss anyone you do know!

    Keep ’em coming, and thanks!


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