1st days of school 010_edited-1There are fleeting moments in life that we rarely think twice about, until we look back and see that they are a part of our greatest successes.

When I took the responsibility of dropping my son off at Kindergarten this past year I thought I had taken on an extra “thing” to do. However, I was surprised the first week at how much I enjoyed parking the car and walking him to class. The second week of school my heart stopped for a moment when he told me he was ready to walk into the school from the car drop-off and find his classroom without my assistance. Every morning I told him “I love you” as he left the car, and he would smile and tell me the same. As I left the parking lot each day he would stand at the edge of the sidewalk calling and waving “good-bye!” until I had driven away and was out of view.

It is interesting that as I look back at those kindergarten drop-offs I compare them to my businesses successes of this past year: I have been able to bring steady work in the door in a terrible economy, I have had the opportunity to speak several times, I have been published multiple times, the Design and Construction Network has grown much further than I ever imagined, and I realized a dream when I received a copy of the multi-author book that I had co-authored. Yet all of these work related successes pale in comparison to the personal relationship I cultivated with my son this last year.  It is in this realization that I again find the resounding truth: success is always found in relationships.

True Success

It is no secret that the greatest successes and failures in life have nothing to do with money, power, stature, or a lack of these things. Yet even with this knowledge we as humans have an innate tendency to push towards these quantifiable objectives rather than the one which we inherently know will yield the greatest life rewards: relationships. We allow relationships to crumble for the sake of our ambitions based on the belief that relationships will come and go with the ebbs and flows of life. Yet when we look back at our greatest moments, it is long lasting relationships that are always at the center of our true successes.

Your turn

What are you going to pursue this week?

3 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Well written and heartfelt. As a father of three small boys, and the rainmaker for my company in this horrible economy, your words hit very close to home. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as you always do.


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