The Best Unknown Websites – PART 2

It was great to have several thousand people stop by the other week to check out the first part of this series, The Best Unknown Websites. As I noted in the previous post, it seems that every week I am telling someone else about one of my favorite little known websites, so this week I wanted to add to my list and share a few more of my favorites.

As a reminder, you are always welcome to sign-up to receive these weekly posts via e-mail using Google FeedBurner. I hope that you find a website that you will use for the next several years in this list: my favorite websites that not everyone knows about.

Part 2 has been combined with the original post The Best Unknown Websites:

4 thoughts on “The Best Unknown Websites – PART 2

  1. jerry

    Yes, Pandora is one of the greatest music sites to come along…and you can install it at home (for free!!) so it runs through your stereo system.

    In the same family as LogMeIn is yuuguu ( Certainly worth comparing features and prices. Thanks for the alternative.

    Dropbox lacks of support for OS X metadata. I rely on Finder labels, Spotlight comments, custom icons and packages to organize and use my files effectively. For a Mac user, lack of metadata makes Dropbox less than great.

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