The $15,000 Question

I am convinced that some people have a knack for memorizing people’s names, and that I am not one of them. As a result of this belief, I used to be terrible at remembering people’s names. Then, several years ago I commented as much to a good friend who told me about the $15,000 question:

“It is not that you can’t memorize people’s names, it is that you don’t think peoples names are worth memorizing. If I introduced you to someone and offered you $15,000 if you could remember their name a week from now you would not only remember their name, but also their mothers name, middle name, correct spelling, and several interesting facts about the person.”

I was quickly put in my place… he was right! I am still not the best at memorizing names, but I have been shocked over the past several years at how I have improved. I just needed to realize that memorizing a name is not just important to the people I meet, it is also important to me.

3 thoughts on “The $15,000 Question

  1. If you think you are bad at memorizing names, I bet you I’m worse. But I agree with you, it’s not that I can’t remember names, I just don’t want to. It is encouraging that you have improved with it.

  2. I have experienced both – at first I was horrible at remembering names but about year and a half ago I made a conscious effort to remember names. I agree with you that like most things – it is certainly a question of motivation. I can tell you that it makes a difference, it is definitely worth the time and effort to recall names – it makes a big impression on people and solidifies relationships at a faster rate.

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