Setting Team Rules

Building BlocksOur department works on a simple set of team rules that ensure credibility and respect are maintained in our team. These rules were adapted from the ground rules teachers used at Ivymount School when my wife was on staff. Ivymount is a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence that serves students with serious developmental delays, learning disabilities, communication disorders, autism, and/or multiple handicaps.

The teachers at Ivymount run some of the most effective and efficient teams you can imagine. They put themselves aside daily for the betterment of others, a testament to what makes a successful team. Rick Milter of the Carey School of Business likes to refer to these teams as ‘High Performance Teams’. I hope that you find these rules as beneficial for your team as I have for mine:

What is expected from a TEAM LEADER

  • The Team Leader will regularly sit down as a team and develop SMART goals with the team, developing Individual Responsibilities with Group Accountability
  • The Team Leader will ensure the team has full support to achieve its goals, obtaining help when needed and taking responsibility when things go wrong
  • The Team Leader will address team members directly regarding any interpersonal issues and/or problems
  • The Team Leader will work hard to have fun, and to make certain the team members feel accomplished every day

What is expected from TEAM MEMBERS

  • The Team Members are expected to share ideas openly and be prepared to follow through
  • The Team Members are expected to address team members directly and immediately regarding any interpersonal issues and/or problems. (That’s right, no going to the team leader unless it can’t be solved)
  • The Team Members agree to never “bad mouth” another team member
  • The Team Members will work hard to enjoy what they do and have fun

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