The Intrinsic Value of Your Network

lesterMel Lester of The Business Edge recently wrote a great post on the intrinsic value of your network on his E-Quip Blog. Here is a small sampling of what he had to say:

 “So now when I’m helping my clients improve their business development process or providing sales training or speaking at a conference on the subject, I always stress the importance of networking. But not just as a sales tactic. I encourage people to get serious about networking for the intrinsic value of those relationships alone. Bottom line: Make friends, take care of them, and you’ll reap the rewards, both personally and professionally, for years.

This is not just advice for old guys or rainmakers or managers. It’s sound advice for everyone. I urge young professionals to develop the habit of building and nurturing their network now so hopefully they won’t struggle with it as much later as I do. It takes time and discipline. You must make it an immutable priority.”

“…networking should be the centerpiece of your business development strategy, whether the economy is weak or strong.”

I couldn’t agree more, thanks for the great post Mel!

2 thoughts on “The Intrinsic Value of Your Network

  1. Tim,

    Thanks for the shot-in-the-arm, pre 2009 post. Mel is dead on. Inspiration for us all to continue to pursue networking efforts with the idea of not isolating ourselves during these rough times, but combining our talents, intelligence, and experiences and sharing them with one another.

    To your success this coming year.


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