CCB Buzz on Social Media

ccblogo1John Sedivy of Cape Cod Branding has written a great series of posts on the topic of Social Media on his CCB Buzz blog.

In Social Media Part I John discusses two views of the role of social media in networking.

In Social Media Part II John discuss social media brands and the evolution of social media.

In Social Media Part III John looks at the importance of exclusivity and consistency in your social media brand.

John is a Johns Hopkins University Fellow from the Carey Business School. He has a great amount of insight into the topic of branding and, as such, I am adding the CCB Buzz to my blogroll. John, I look forward to reading your continued insights!

2 thoughts on “CCB Buzz on Social Media

  1. Dear Mr. Sedivy,

    In today’s CofeBuz blast I obviously became linked to your blog. It’s good to hear that you and Mr. Klabunde share networking and marketing ideas with colleagues of similar profession, such as myself.

    While reading your blog and then visiting your web site, I found one basic and yet very important component missing in the aspect of communication – good design. I find it interesting that while you bring MBA credentials and certain professional marketing (and networking) experiences to the table, you manage to side step a defining and perhaps most important aspect of brand communications – the creative research, exploration and eventual craft of producing an organization’s communication tools. The term “brand” today is often overused and ill defined. A better term, I believe is “story telling”.

    I would encourage you, and all professional marketing and communication experts to rely on design professionals to help direct those efforts, not someone that just decides to tack a whack at desktop publishing because they learned the basics of some software program. Educated, trained design professionals can be a marketing staff’s best ally. They make your strategies stronger and more effective. Good ones distil the message and bring a certain creativity and craft that instils memorability. Please consider organizations such as the American Institute of Graphic Arts in your area. Look towards publications through AIGA, or Communication Arts, Print, ID Magazine and the likes. This is where professional creativity is at the forefront. They are truly on the cutting edge of marketing and brand communication.

    There are communication skills that sometimes take a masters or doctorate degree or years of experience to master effectively. The problem is, anyone nowadays can claim themselves as a “designer.” Yet understanding all of the multiple elements of word, image, expression, typography – letterforms, their history, their purpose, proper kerning, when to justify and when to not (your blog is hard to read because of the justification), color, paper, sustainability, etc., all become factors in successfully expressing one’s brand.

    There are many tasks in my life where I know I need to rely on a professional’s knowledge and experience. I would like to encourage you to dig a little deeper on this. . I would like to encourage you and all other marketing professionals to more definitively understand the power of the professional design community and what they have to offer you, your business and your clients’ business.

    To your success.

    Tyler Blik, AIGA

    Ideas that make things happen.

    655 G Street Suite E
    San Diego, CA 92101
    P. 619.234.4434

  2. Thank you for the response as well as visiting our blog and website. I appreciate your point of view and will take it into consideration as I do with all information I receive. Cape Cod Branding has been an invaluable learning experience, probably the most important lesson I have learned is that unlike many other fields, or even questions there is not one correct style or answer. Beauty is after all in the eye of the beholder.

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