Getting Feedback from Clients

In his E-Quipblog this week Mel Lester provides some great thoughts on client feedback that are well worth reading. In addition to his insights he provides a great sample, “Client Service Assessment” that you can download from his site. Two of his points that I found especially insightful regarding a new client feedback program were: ‘Start with your best clients’ and ‘Communicate client feedback.’

  • Start with your best clients. The best way to generate momentum for this process is to start with those clients who have a mutual interest in strengthening the working relationship. Pick an easily manageable number of clients to start, where you’re confident you can be fully responsive to whatever feedback you receive. Then expand to other clients when you’re ready.
  • Communicate client feedback to the staff. Everyone in your firm should be engaged in continually improving service and striving to deliver the branded experience. Feedback from clients is the fuel that keeps the fires of continuous improvement burning. Give all employees a stake in helping your firm become a service leader. Share feedback, lessons learned, and success stories.

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