Networking with a Newspaper Article

Wayne Cobleigh, Manager of Project Development at GZA GeoEnvironmental sent me an interesting article titled “Comfortable Enough to Ask for Business: Networking should be much more than small talk” published in the Hartford Business Journal this week. The author, Carole Donovan of Image Boosters identifies how she believes you can succeed when networking. Although I appreciated the article I was truly impressed that Wayne was practicing the foundation for all good networking relationships: helping others.

Wayne knows that I regularly write and speak on the topic of networking and by taking a minute to pass that article along he strengthened our relationship by selflessly doing something for me without any thought of what I could do for him. Wayne has nothing to gain from his gesture this week. However, over time as we build our friendship I hope that I will likewise find ways that I can help him succeed. This is the foundation of networking: a focus on building relationships by helping others rather than simply selling our services. Have you sent anyone an article lately?

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