Google PageRank: How Do You Rank?

Ever wonder what Google thinks about your website? Ever want to compare your website’s ranking to that of your competitors? The secret to knowing your website’s ranking on the World Wide Web (at least in the eyes of the world’s largest search engine) is your website’s PageRank.

The description of a PageRank according to Google
“PageRank reflects our (Google’s) view of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Pages that we believe are important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results. PageRank also considers the importance of each page that casts a vote, as votes from some pages are considered to have greater value, thus giving the linked page greater value.”

If you didn’t catch that, here is the layman’s version: Websites with a higher PageRank (a value between 1 and 10) will be more prominent in Google search results while websites with a lower PageRank will be lower in Google search results.

Find Your Google PageRank
Two websites that you can use to find your Google PageRank are and Please note that their servers often get slowed down so you may have to try a couple of times. I have listed several websites below with their PageRanks, including this one, to give you a better sense of how you are doing. A better measure of how you are doing is to look-up your competitors’ PageRanks and see how you are doing in comparison.

PageRank 10:
PageRank 8:
PageRank 7:
PageRank 5: 
PageRank 4: 
PageRank 2:
PageRank 0:

Increasing your PageRank
The last sentence in the quote from Google above points to the easiest way to can increase your PageRank: get websites with higher PageRanks to link to your website. In other words, it is not the number of links you have (although that doesn’t hurt), it is the PageRank of the pages that link to your site that helps move you up to the next PageRank. This is truly the tip of the iceberg in search engine optimization, but it is a great tool to help you understand where you are today, and how to improve your search engine results.

Note: PageRankTMis a registered trademark of Google Inc.

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