Build Business 2008: The Medici Effect

The Medici Effect
Groundbreaking Innovation at the Intersection of Disciplines and Cultures

Speaker: Frank Johnson
Bestselling author of The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Ideas at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts, & Cultures.

Favorite Quote from the session
“If you always look at the same places you will always come up with the same ideas.”

Key Takeaways
Diversity Drives Innovation
The world is changing quickly so we must innovate to survive
Intersections of diverse ideas, people, concepts, etc… are the best places for innovation

Keys to Transform:
1. Find inspiration from fields or cultures other than your own… then dare to explore the connections
2. Staff for Innovation
     – Surround yourself with people that are different than yourself
     – Go to different people for advise
     – Hire people from outside your industry
3. Leverage Existing Diversity
     – Actively try to find the connections between existing knowledge bases
4. Unique prospectives do not automatically happen
     – You must place team members in new circumstances and in new places to get new innovations
5. Get ideas from people in other industries
6. Diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams… but they need more time to ramp-up
7. ACT! Try as many ideas as you can.  Many will fail, but some will succeed
8. Use diversity to make connections that yield success. 

Someone is going to innovate and make the connections, why not you?

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