Build Business 2008: Building a Company of Rainmakers

I am leaving for Denver Colorado tomorrow to attend this year’s SMPS Build Business 2008 convention. I am going with a refreshing sense of excitement as I look forward to meeting, in person, many new friends that I have made while blogging this past year.  While I am gone it is my intention to “whiteboard” the sessions that I attend on this blog every evening, so if you are unable to attend this year, just stay tuned for the key takeaways from those sessions. 

While at Build Business, I will be speaking at this years CPSM day on the topic of ‘Building a Company of Rainmakers’. I have attached a copy of my PowerPoint presentation to this blog for those that won’t be able to make it, as well as for those that would like to download it after I speak on Wednesday. I have attached two versions: 1) a .pdf handout version of the PowerPoint that is an easy reference tool and 2) a full, editable, and usable copy PowerPoint that you are welcome to download and use for your own purposes.  (As always, please provide credit where credit is due) I look forward to seeing many of you in Denver later this week! 

.pdf – Building a Company of Rain Makers

.ppt – Building a Company of Rain Makers


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