Principles of Service-Centered Selling

Mel Lester’s recent posting on his E-Quip Blog is a great reminder of the importance of relationships in the sales process.  Here is a brief look at his posting Uncomfortable With Sales? You Should Be:

Principles of Service-Centered Selling
“Service-Centered Selling is the application of service excellence to the way we develop new business for our companies. Remember, great service happens in the context of a strong relationship with the client. Selling is essentially how we initiate that relationship. It’s courtship. Naturally the way we start the relationship sets the tone for how it will develop. If we want the client to value the service difference we offer, we should begin demonstrating it during the sales process. That difference likely then becomes the key factor in our being selected for the work.”

Note that how you begin the relationship “sets the tone” for how you will be viewed throughout not just this contract, but also future work.  Are you the “low cost” fix, or the “high quality” solution?  Take a moment to reflect about how your sales process sets the tone for your business, are you laying the foundation to achieve your business goals, or are you just getting another job in the door?

Please note that E-Quip has been added to my blogroll.  Thank you Mel, I look forward to reading more great posts!

2 thoughts on “Principles of Service-Centered Selling

  1. Tim,

    Thanks for recommending my blog. Ironically, I had already decided to circulate to my mailing list today a link to your article “Rethink Networking.” It’s obvious that we share a common philosophy about business, and business development in particular. I look forward to our further exchange of ideas and hope we get the chance to meet in Denver next month.


  2. Mel-
    It is great to be connecting with you. Thank you again for your thought provoking post and for sharing my writing with others. I likewise look forward to meeting you at Build Business 2008!

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