A Values Based Business Marketing Approach

I have seen the remergence of a refreshing way of doing business that is nothing less than exciting.  It is the idea that being simply honest with your clients is no longer enough to separate you in the crowded marketplace.  Rather companies are beginning to embrace the idea of ‘going the extra mile’ for their clients, the concept that I like to refer to as Values Based Business.  The exciting thing about a Values Based Business approach is that it generates a marketing mechanism that cannot be stopped.  I have seen companies that use a Values Based Business Marketing Approach enjoy rich profits, extremely loyal clientele, and a satisfaction that only doing a great job can give.

So, what is a Values Based Business Marketing Approach

A Values Based Business marketing approach is running your company not to make money or to grow, but specifically to help other people.  It is the idea that, by running your business with integrity and honesty, faithfully serving your customer instead of your wallet or your own interests, you will experience true success.  Let me clarify true success here: more profit, less hassle, a peaceful satisfaction every day on your way home from work, and a good nights sleep (this last one is for all the business owners that haven’t had a good night of sleep in years).

What it looks like

Values Based Businesses do several things that most profit and growth oriented businesses have a hard time swallowing.  Here are just a few examples:

  1. They always do something extra for free:  I used to go to an auto shop that would always do something unexpected for me free of charge.  They rotated my tires, replaced light bulbs, oiled squeaky doors; the list goes on and on.  In return can you guess what I did?  I never had my vehicle serviced at another shop and told everyone I knew to take his or her cars there.
  2. Take on pro-bono work: Vales Based Businesses help out non-for-profits, low-income families, and even their everyday clients.  They do it because it is right and because they really care.  Finally, when they do it, they treat the non-paying client just as good as the paying client.
  3. They treat every client like a first class client: Taking calls and returning e-mails promptly is just the tip of the iceberg. Values Based Businesses see what their clients need and help them to achieve it, even if it is out of their scope of work.   

The Result

By putting others first you are beginning the process of controlling your own destiny.  Values Based Businesses leverage their entire business as a marketing tool that uses referrals, recommendations, references, and relationships as their primary marketing vehicle. This allows a company to increase profitability and to grow far beyond that of a typical money and growth focused company.

Firms that practice this philosophy have strong client bonds based on trust and respect.  They have a client base that refuses to work with anyone else because it is a known fact that you will always go the extra mile and never compromise the customer relationship. They have employees that are excited about coming to work to do something good. They have managers that choose what work they want to do and who they want to work for.  Perhaps developing your company as a Values Based Business, focusing on others first, will allow you to achieve the success you have always hoped for.

A final note: Isn’t it amazing that when you change your focus to people instead of the bottom line, you begin to experience the success that you were looking for when you were focused on the bottom line.

3 thoughts on “A Values Based Business Marketing Approach

  1. Tim,

    I heartily agree with your ideas about Values Based Business marketing. I came to similar conclusions years ago when I had become increasingly uncomfortable with my sales role for an environmental services firm. While I had developed several strong client relationships, I sensed I too often was wasting their time during “sales calls.”

    So I gradually developed a different, more client-centered approach, which I eventually called Service-Centered Selling, that is very similar in philosophy to Values Based Business marketing. The current lead article in my blog (www.blog-bizedge.biz) outlines the basic principles of SSC. Other similar articles include “Marketing for Leads” and “Marketing the Experience” (on my website). I will be presenting on the latter at the Build Business conference in Denver, in case you are attending.

    By the way, the book I’ve found that best describes this kind of approach is Trust-Based Selling by Charles Green. It is written specifically for sellers of professional services.

    I’m glad I discovered your blog. I’ll be linking to it from my own. Thanks!


  2. Mel-
    Thank you for your kind words and thought provoking post “Uncomfortable With Sales? You Should Be.” I will be certain to add your blog to my blogroll and I look forward to reading your future posts.

    PS – I will definitely keep an eye out for you in Denver at SMPS Build Business. I will be speaking the first day on the topic of Building a Company of Rain Makers and hope to attend your seminar.

  3. I’m a coach with a values-based practice working with successful leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals, including departmental leaders at the United Nations. I couldn’t agree more – you’ve described beautifully what I see working well in my clients’ businesses every day. There’s magic in values-based leadership, we’re just not great at quantifying it yet.
    Dr. Joni Carley

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