Creative Networking

Cancun Beach UmbrellaI was reading some internet articles this morning on networking and ran across a great article by Fiona Robyn entitled “Creative Networking.”  In it she expands on five suggestions of how to be a good networker. 

Of special interest to me was her 5th suggestion, “Network with people you want to keep in touch with anyway.”  As I expand my network I often run across individuals that I like and respect; people that I truly desire to keep in touch with.  For me these individuals have included Hank Chase of Integrity Consulting, Mark Buckshon of Construction News and Report (blog: Construction Marketing Ideas), and Ken White of Architecture Incorporated.  I find it easy to network with these people simply because I enjoy their thoughts and respect their opinions. It is important to remember that networking isn’t bound by industry or location; networking is developing relationships that we can enjoy throughout our career and lives.

Let me leave you with a quote from Fiona’s article:

If you like and respect someone enough to keep in touch with them then that should be enough – you may be useful to each other’s careers at some point and you may not. Enjoy building your network and marvellous things will begin to happen!  

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